Hans Unterfrauner

Study of Landscape Ecology (landscape design and landscape conservation) at the University of Natural Resources and Live Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna. During the study employed at the Institute of Soil Research. At the institute responsible for planning, implementing and managing experiments, for soil sampling, soil preparation, laboratory analyses and evaluations. Experience in the field of soil science as a member of the survey team for the Carinthian soil state inventory. Three months of research in Borneo in the course of the diploma thesis. Learning the procedure of the “Fractional Analysis“ from professor Husz after graduation. Two years of project management in Venezuela (biological decontamination of contaminated drilling mud). Development of a quality assurance system in the pedological laboratory “ÖKO-Datenservice GmbH“ in Austria. Development and setup of BoWaSan (research department of the company Bodenkalk e. Gen.). In 2007 establishment of the technical bureau, in 2015 founding of the “TB Unterfrauner GmbH“.

Sabine Preis

Study of Landscape Ecology (landscape design and landscape conservation) at the University of Natural Resources and Live Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna. Investigating the impacts of skiing slopes on the subalpine vegetation of the Gerlitze (Carinthia) for the diploma thesis. Since 1994 freelance work for the Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management (IHG) at the University of Natural Resources and Live Sciences (BOKU), employment at the IHG from 1999 to 2014.
Work focus in the fields of river ecology, river basin planning and management, development of guiding principles, landscape analyses in GIS and in river basin planning. Besides project-/study conception and processing/management also involvement in teaching activities and the supervision of diploma theses in these fields. Since 2014 employee at the TB Unterfrauner GmbH, mainly responsible for project conception and project processing/managing.

Matthias Strahlhofer

Study focus on soil science as part of the bachelor’s and master’s degree in Environmental and Bioresource Management at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) Vienna. Worked for several years as a tutor and research assistant at the Institute for Soil Research (IBF). Completion of a semester abroad (2015) as well as an ERASMUS + traineeship (2017) at the Department of Soil Research and Geopharmacy at the University of Granada. Project-based internships abroad in the field of soil management, GIS and sustainable management (Mexico, Malaysia, Spain). Two-year research work on the connection between physical soil fertility parameters and the climatic and time gradients on the Galápagos Islands as part of the diploma thesis. Participation in the documentary film “Galápagos – beneath the surface”.
Winner of the “Kubiena Award 2020” as well as the best scientific lecture at the “BOKU Semester Touchdown 2020”. After completing his studies, he worked for one year as an environmental supervisor in construction industry. Employed at TB Unterfrauner since October 2020 and, in addition to the evaluation of soil studies, responsible for the development of current soil and agricultural topics as well as their preparation and presentation.

Stefan Premm

Study of Theoretical and Applied Geography at the University of Vienna with the principal focus on applied geomorphology, global environmental change, geoinformation and visualization. Investigating potential possibilities to use historical data and archive material for current issues in geomorphology and hydrology for the diploma thesis. Planning and implementation of student lectures and excursions to teach field methods in physical geography (field mapping with differential GPS, subsurface exploration with geoelectrical equipment and core drilling, hand-dug exposures and soil profiles) at the University of Vienna. Specialized internship at the technical bureau Unterfrauner within the master study. Currently enrolled into a PhD program in Natural Sciences at the University of Vienna with the aim to reconstruct the effects of historical land use by combining centuries old archive data and geomorphological sediment records. From 2015 to 2020 employee at the TB Unterfrauner GmbH.

Stefan Glaser

Mag. Stefan Glaser has been working in the field of environmental technologies since 2003. His work focuses on soil improvement and with a specialization in efficient irrigation. With his company Hydrip GmbH, he has managed numerous irrigation projects in Austria and abroad. Promoting the sustainable use of soil and water is very important to him. Stefan Glaser studied ecology with a focus on limnology and botany at the Universities of Vienna and Madrid. This technical background paired with his project experience in the field of agricultural irrigation and horticulture in countries such as Austria, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt gives him a broad basis for his lectures in the field of water and soil. He gave his first lectures as part of Bio-Austria’s soil practitioner training course in 2009. Since 2017, he has been cooperating more intensively with TB Unterfrauner GmbH and offers the “Correct watering” course program as additional training for those interested.

Claudia Blauensteiner

Bachelor’s degree in geography at the University of Vienna with a focus on soil geography. Thesis on the topic: “Uncovering small-scale distribution patterns of soils in Kenya – statistical analysis of independently generated laboratory values”. Currently student assistant in the geoecology working group with a focus on “Greenhouse Gas Measurement” using the Picarro analyzer for CO2 and CH4 (CRDS method). Trained agricultural and forestry specialist. Worked between December 2018 and February 2019 as a project employee for TB Unterfrauner GmbH.

Karo Messenböck

Bachelor’s degree in geography at the University of Vienna with a focus on soil geography and currently enrolled in a master’s degree in agroecology at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU). Final thesis on the topic: “Changing soil physical parameters in protected, organic vegetable growing” and thus contact to TB Unterfrauner. Future takeover of a family-owned organic agricultural business in Upper Austria. As a self-proclaimed link between practice and research, she has been employed as a research assistant at Bioforschung Austria since May 2018 and gained additional knowledge and experience in the field of soil ecology and soil fertility through an internship at TB Unterfrauner GmbH in February 2019.

Lena Stolz

Bachelor`s degree in „Environmental Systems Sciences” with the focus on Geography at the Karl Franzens-University in Graz (AUT), master’s degree in “Environmental Management and Ecotoxicology” at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna. Perennial involvement with GLOBAL 2000. Exchange semester at the Bosphorus University in Istanbul. Research into the possibility of developing a simple microbiological field method for measuring the biological soil quality for the master thesis under the supervision of Dr. Ines Fritz from the Department of Agrobiotechnology, IFA-Tulln. Between August 2016 and Februar 2017 employee at the TB Unterfrauner GmbH within the FEMtec-internship of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).