Presentation of Results

The results of the analyses are presented in a concluding chart (see image). Furthermore a detailed report explains and describes the results (see exemplary analyze link). The laboratory test results are appended as a datasheet.

Concluding depiction of the analysis

Block „Soil Characteristics“ (Basic Parameters/Sorption Complex)

In the block „Soil Characteristics“ the basic parameters (soil texture/water balance, pH-values, electrical conductivity, lime- and Soil organic Matter content/-quality) and the sorption complex are described and assessed. Based on that mineral-organic measures and actions are declared to enhance and/or preserve soil fertility (melioration measures). The package of measures should be fully implemented in the next 5 to 10 years.

Block „Plant Nutrition“

In the block „Plant Nutrition“ plant available substances incl. the reserve pools are described and assessed at the time of the soil sampling. The mineralization potential of C, N, P and S is also assessed.
In the evaluation the substances are declared in kg/ha, not in mg/kg (considering the soil skeleton). Therewith a division in content classes is not necessary.
Recommendations for fertilizing are not provided but the differences of the substance quantities (which are required to achieve a certain crop yield for the declared crop) are compared with the plant available substances in the soil at the time of the sampling.. The explicit designation of the reserve fraction now enables to predominantly mobilize substances. Fertilization is only necessary when an actual demand is emerging.

Sample Analysis

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