Taking the Soil Samples

The soil sampling process is of particular importance. It should be planned well and processed as follows:

  • Define pedological homogenous subareas (Foundation: soil maps, yield mappings, aerial image own experiences, etc.).

  • Selection of subareas to sample (depending on area proportion and the questioning priorities may be set).

  • Specify the sampling circle (about 10m to 15m in diameter). Documentation of the circle center (e.g.by GPS).

  • Taking a composite sample from the sampling circle (spade, sampling devices, sample driller, 10 to 15 single samples). Caution: Nickel-plated/chrome-plated/coated tools may affect the test results.

  • Mixing the 10 to 15 single samples in a clean bucket, separate “disturbing elements” out (e.g. parts of plants, animals, etc.).

  • Fill a sample bag with about 1,5kg of homogenized sample material (you can order sample bags form us, unused freezer bags are also suitable).

  • Label the sample bag.

  • Fill out the assignment form.

Site compounded of 3 soil types

Soil sampling wrong

Soil sampling correct

Time of Soil Sampling

Soil samples can be taken anytime for urgent questions or problems.
To assess soil fertility the soil should be in dynamic equilibrium. Dynamic equilibrium establishes 6 to 8 weeks after every measure (e.g. tillage, input of mineral/organic substances). Favorable times for soil sampling are often before resp. after harvesting (before stubble breaking!) or in spring.
The soil shouldn’t be too wet, the moisture content should allow driving on the soil.

Temporary Storage of Soil Samples

If it’s not possible to ship the sample immediately it has to be stabilized as follows:

  • Sample closed in the freezer (storage up to 3 months)
  • Sample closed in the fridge (storage up to 1 week)
  • Sample open stored in a dust-free, dry room at room temperature (storage up to 1 month. Caution: Pets and rodents may contaminate the sample).

Shipping of the Sample

For shipping close the sample carefully and ship along with the assignment form. Shipping shouldn’t exceed 2 to 3 days. You’re welcome to deliver the samples in person.

Shipping/delivery address:

TB Unterfrauner GmbH
Erdbergstraße 10/33
1030 Vienna

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