…experience soil in 3D!

Soils are definitely more than just two-dimensional areas. In fact, they represent three-dimensional subterranean living bodies which provide information about the formation process, the parent material, climate, vegetation, symbiotic communities and land use. With today’s know-how and technological possibilities, it is possible to enter this three-dimensional soil body via a 3D-profile and to inspect the respective soil from every possible angle. The high-resolution technology allows for spectacular and unique soil insights and is additionally supported by chemical-physical analytical data.

Our service is dedicated to those interested in an interactive way to experience and thoroughly understand their soil and to visualize the findings for themselves and others (e.g. as an attraction for their customers in showrooms, wine cellars, farm shops, etc.).
In addition, teachers/educators/professors in schools and institutions to universities may be interested in transmitting the different aspects of the ecosystem soil in a vivid and illustrative way.

We offer:

  • A database containing 3D profiles of soil types commonly found in Austria and Germany.

  • A professional preparation of a 3D-soil-profile featuring your soil, including chemical-physical key parameters.