Lectures & Speeches

17. P-K Symposium (2021)

Soil tour with the DSV
Water balance – Erosion – Measures
Drought stress
Nitrogen and manure

Towards a better understanding of the soil system and overcoming challenges.

DSV-Saaten event with the renowed soil scientists Hans Unterfrauner, Dr. Gernot Bodner und Dr. Jana Epperlein on the topic “Towards a better understanding of the soil system”, live broadcast on 09 October 2020.

Minister of Agriculture of Lower-Saxony Barbara Otte-Kienast gathers information on sustainable and climate-friendly fertilizer systems in Wilstedt

3N Kompetenzzentrum Niedersachsen, 22.07.2020

16. P-K-Symposium: Summary (2020)

Agricultural situation
Soil – Climate – Water
Fractioned Analysis
Sulphur – Nitrogen – Slurry application
AKRA Fertilizing system in practice

15. P-K-Symposium: Summary (2019)

Climate change: practical solutions for agriculture.

14. P-K-Symposium: Summary (2018)

Soil fertility/plant nutrition = fractioned analysis +
AKRA system (a combined perspective)

13. P-K-Symposium: Potassium (Data-Myths-Facts), Summary (2017)

Potassium in general, the potassium cycle, potassium storage within soil, analysis and evaluation of the potassium pools in the soil, potassium within the plant, strategies for plant cultivation…

Soil acidification, dynamics, hazards (2014)

Causes and effects of acidification, measurement of acidification, measures against acidification…

Phosphorus in the soil: Hidden? Unused? (2013)

Conversion factors, surpluses of P and K, where is phosphorus stored, evaluation…

Soil fertility (2013)

Define, capture, evaluate soil fertility. The term soil fertility is mainly used in agriculture and is widely discussed in literature…

Phosphorus in the soil: (No) reason to panic? (2012)

Conversion tables, evaluation of three approaches to increase phosphorus over the course of 40 years, Phosphorus dynamics in soil, binding forms of P, P analysis and mobilization…

Do-it-yourself Soil testing (2011)

Tests to determine whether the soil is at risk of erosion or crusting. Measurement of acidity and biological activity. Soil tests should be carried out simultaneously and for different types of soil, in order to display the relative differences in a better way…

Biogas slurry and soil fertility (2010)

Impacts on soil: experiment, evaluation and summary…

Model studies of Fe-P antagonism in soil columns regarding fertilization with biogas slurry (2010)

Fe-P antagonism due to an excess in desulphurization…